Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tokyo Architecture

Tokyo is a great place if you love architecture. The Japanese march to their own taiko drum; not only do they dare to think differently, they often do so on a massive scale. One of our favorite buildings -- new since we departed -- is the Mode Gakuen (Cacoon) Tower. It houses three schools of higher learning, with the cacoon like structure representing the place where students can develop their skills before, like butterflies, emerging into society. The work is by Tange architects, whose other works include the Fuji TV tower in Odaiba and Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima.

Another favorite is Toyo Ito's Tod's Building. The exterior glass & concrete structure is meant to echo the crossed branches of the zelkova trees that line Omote-sando, a busy shopping street leading up to Meiji Shrine.

In a more modernistic/futuristic vein, we went to the other the Kenzo Tange building in the area, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices. There, you get a great view over the rest of Tokyo from the observation deck on the 45th floor. More photos here...

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